Thursday, August 12, 2010

Food glorious food

In honor of all the wonderful years of eating and good cooks in my life, including restaurants, I dedicate this blog post to food! I never knew what I was missing until I had no appetite for food, no taste buds for certain foods, and couldn’t eat for many days due to nausea and vomiting. Food really can be comforting, as I have heard and felt. It can be healthy, as well as bad for you (in super-size quantity). And it is the thing that we must have in order to keep our bodies going. So without further ado, here is a list of FOOD I LIKE!

Zupa’s: pina colada chicken salad, Wisconsin cauliflower soup.
Fat Jack’s Pizza: cheese sticks.
Cracker Barrel: hash brown casserole.
Winger’s: sticky fingers.
The Outback Steakhouse: bloomin’ onion and blue cheese pecan chopped salad.
Burger King: bacon, egg and cheese croissan’wich.
Daley Freeze: French fries. (the best fries anywhere)
JCW’s: bacon blue cheese burger, fries, ultimate fry sauce!
Café Rio: chicken or sweet pork salad.
Saigon Café: everything!
Papa John’s: Hawaiian BBQ chicken pizza.
Macaroni Grill: grilled chicken portobello. (which has been taken off the menu)
Gandolfo's: urban cowboy sandwich.
The Pizza Factory: raspberry vinaigrette salad and breadtwists.
PF Changs: lettuce wraps.
Mi Ranchito: chile relleno, beef tamale, enchiladas.

My Grandma: homemade whole wheat bread, everything she touches is a masterpiece.
My Mom: cinnamon rolls, breadsticks, rolls, pizza, stews and soups. (takes after her mother; master chef!)
My Dad: homemade mac n cheese, breakfasts, French bread pizza, and bawl baby soup. (noodles, tomato sauce, hamburger)
My Sister Natalie: all pies, all salads, rice dishes, bottled salsa and grape juice, banana bread and muffins of all kinds. (she can make anything taste good and be more healthy by switching out ingredients)
My Sis in Law Stephanie: chicken rolls with rice, candied salmon, and desserts.
Melinda Wells: homemade ice cream of many flavors.
Lynne Watanabe: coconut cream pie.
Melissa Wilson Martin: fruit bars, Hawaiian haystacks and other rice dishes, pizza creations out of jiffy mix or freezer dough. (don’t forget the ugly cake)
Amber Morris: black forest cake.
Eliza Nevin: zucchini stroganoff and Mexican haystacks.
Rachel and Annie Snow: pies…well anything really.
Leslie Kay: white chili and a mean BBQ.
Ben Rector: curry.
Bryan Hutchison (my neighbor): banana bread, zucchini bread.
The Arnot’s (my other neighbors): amazing potato salad, egg rolls, pretty much everything is good that Coree makes, granola from scratch…I guess that’s what it is…I just know I get it at Christmas.
Caprice Bailey: cinnamon pull aparts.
Ann Hicken: all creative food attempts.
Sara Stauffer: if only I liked Kimchi…but those truffles were sure good.
Gail Fletcher: all kinds of desserts.
Serina Jankovich: muddy buddies.
Heather Poulson Bingham: dips, entire Thanksgiving meals including but not limited to sweet potato casserole.
Jessie and Dave Jones: pumpkin bread.
Ryan and Johanna Webb: the coveted Orozco’s salsa! (I got the recipe from my sister who lives in their neighborhood) & Johanna’s pumpkin roll.
Roda Solis Camposano (and her mom): all Filipino food I tried. (pancit and lumpia!)
Sina Matthes: chicken and broccoli bake.
Ray Oyler: fajitas and all the fixings.
Heidi Toth: cookies, crock pot meals, and other creations.
Samantha Roach: lasagna.
Emily Fuller Sutherland: party pleasers, Harry Potter theme food!

I’m sure I’ve left out some really fantastic food dishes and I hope I haven’t offended any friends or family members by not mentioning their name. If you are reading this now, and you are not on “the list” it simply means that I’ve forgotten how well you cook and I need a reminder, or that I have not yet been introduced to your cooking. I can make arrangements to accept all homemade food for taste testing at your convenience. I like mostly everything. I don’t discriminate when it comes to food. So please bring your food by. A good food motto to live by is, “I’ll try anything once!”

Here’s to another week. Next week has GOT to be better. There is more to life than just eating Gatorade and pudding snacks.


stephanie said...

well you succeeded in making me hungry while reading your post.

I am sorry you are feeling so miserable. I wish there was something I could do to change that.
love you!

Megz said...

Obviously I have never cooked for you. Or you would have listed 'Megan and her Red Baron pizza' or 'Megan and her great selection of Otter Pops'.
I definitely need to borrow some of your friends/family. That list is one to make me envious.

Melissa said...

LOL Sharolyn I love the Pina Colada Salad at Zupa's, and I was just introduced two weeks ago to the Blue Bacon Cheeseburger at JCWs and the Chili Rellenos at Mi Ranchito yummy. I think you are missing one of your very favorite foods on your list and that is watermelon. Remember our watermelon eating contest in YWs? And the other day you ate the whole bowl of watermelon that I brought over--and it wasn't even that great of watermelon. Food it is definitely a love hate relationship when you are sick or dieting. I'm glad we have some great food memories together.

Sharolyn Gabbitas said...

Hey look! It's the 3 girls I had Fat Jack's with... :) And yes Melissa, I did eat that whole bowl of watermelon all by myself. I can eat a half a watermelon easy! By the way Megan, I would love to try your Red Baron Pizza anytime! Someone brought me otter pops last week. I like the pink and purple ones.....well all of them really. :)